Our Ensize International Team and Partners

In any successful company the key element is its people!


Anders Jansson

CEO (partner and founder) Ensize International AB

Anders has over 30 years’ experience of leadership, sales and organisational development from the education sector. Anders has also taken part in developing a large number of in-house education programmes for both small and large companies. Anders Jansson is one of the founders of Ensize.


Martin Jansson

International Alliance Director, Ensize International AB

Martin has a sound knowledge of the IT industry and long experience of sales and marketing. He has held managerial positions at many companies, such as IBM and Microsoft. Martin understands companies’ business needs and in combination with his experience from international assignments this gives him broad knowledge and experience, allowing him to deliver business value to new and existing customers of Ensize International and Ensize AB.


Anne-Lie Form

Licensed psychologist (partner and founder) Ensize International AB
Anne-Lie is a licensed psychologist and has long experience as a trainer, among other things from psychology courses at Uppsala University. She has run her own business for over 15 years and has worked with developing both groups and individuals. Anne-Lie is one of the founders of Ensize.



Annie Jansson

Marketing Manager (partner and founder) Ensize International AB
Annie is trained in marketing, original-production and PR. She is responsible for Ensizes graphic profile, education material, homepage, books etc. Annie has worked as an marketing manager or with marketing/PR projects for companies as Casino Cosmopol, Kolmården Safari Park, UPS and Pizza Hut. Annie is one of the founders of Ensize


Mikael Klingbjer

CTO System Development (partner and founder) Ensize International AB
MIkael is a trained programmer and has worked with developing different database-driven web applications for the past 15 years. Mikael is one of the founders of Ensize.


Henrik Wigh

System Development (partner) Ensize International AB

Henrik is a system developer/programmer with several years’ experience of programming in for example NET, SQL, HTML, CSS, JS and C++.