How to buy!

EDOC PayGo - Buy when you need it! You can buy packages or single assessments. It's your choice!

Before you can start using the EDOC System and its tools you need to complete first the certification training for Puzzle DISC and Driving Forces. More information >>

You can then mix and buy packages or single assessments. The cost will vary depending on the type of package or assessment you want to buy. 

Why to choose EDOC PayGo:

  • The system includes all the different assessments.
  • Flexible report generator: select the pages you want to include in the report (1-54 pages).
  • Use different report types (Puzzle DISC and Driving Forces combination report, Communication, Commercial, Management, Group report, etc.).
  • Create your own client database for a more efficient follow-up. 
  • Open links; reminders, personal logos; choose among different report graphs and layout; create and save your own report templates and a lot more.
  • A 100% cloud-based service – no installation required.
  • Respond to your assessment in over 30 different languages: The assessments can be answered in most major languages. Ensize is continuously working to make more language versions available.
  • The reports are available in up to 11 different languages: You can choose to save or print the reports in many different languages at no extra cost. Ensize is continuously working to make more language versions available.

EDOC PayGo may not be available in all countries. Prices can vary in different countries. For more information about availability and prices, please find your local contact here.