The EDOC system

Psychology and behavioural sciences have become increasingly important as a source of knowledge for development, business growth and talent management. In the global economy today we are required to adapt to change quicker than ever before - EDOC will keep you agile, focused and committed to success.

The EDOC system (Ensize Dynamic Online Center) contains analyses and tools that make it possible to give measurable answers to many of the questions that you or your organisation have to face. The purpose of all assessments and measurements is to provide feedback. Feedback gives the individual, the team and the entire organisation prerequisites to perform better.

The EDOC system does not require any software to be installed. All you need is an internet connection. The system includes functions such as planning, follow-ups, reporting, report print-outs and much more.

To get started, register for a certification course in which you will learn to use the EDOC system’s different functions, as well as to give feedback when using the tools that you have access to. When signing up for certification you choose the purchase option that best fits your needs. When you have completed this certification course, you will receive a personal login to the EDOC system and can start using the assessments and tools.


To find out more about certification courses and purchase options please find your local contact here.