Tools and assessments

Ensize and the EDOC system offer a wide range of world class tools, assessments and reports that deliver a high impact development foundation for companies and organisations worldwide.

All development is based on feedback and measurements are needed for this. The EDOC system offers a set of assessments and tools that visualise areas of improvement. The assessments and tools contribute to the development of people, teams and organisations and provide a measurement for evaluating the impact of development work.

Ensize's tools and assessments can for example be used to:

- Improve/develop leadership
- Increase sales
- Develop individuals
- Improve collaboration between different departments
- Improve/develop collaboration within a team
- Identify strengths and weaknesses in a team
- Make the recruitment process easier and more effective

Our tools can provide answers to how leaders and coworkers function together and show where any co-operation difficulties might lie. The first step might be to conduct a climate or communication assessment using the Thermometer – to gain knowledge about how well the organisation is communicating and functioning. The Puzzle DISC and the Driving Forces motivational assessments are good ways to understand what drives and motivates people. The Boomerang gap assessment provides answers to how the management team functions and where there might be areas for improvement. Team Evaluator shows how the team works and functions. By using the Snapshot survey engine it is then possible to evaluate the impact of development measures that have been implemented, collect information of various kinds, make customer surveys and much more.

What will be required of the companies of the future?
To be successful, they need:
• Access to knowledge
• Knowledge of customers – needs, wishes and behaviour
• Ability to exploit talent – the human capital
• Leaders that can attract talented people who are innovative and have visions